East Coast fever

Summer has started and is the best time to go and travel the East Coast of Australia.

Can you imagine yourself travelling up the coast (on a tour, in your campervan) and end your day sipping a cocktail while on a boat in the Whitsundays, or maybe gearing up your snorkel gear and jump in the water close to turtles, or maybe you just want to drive a 4WD on the biggest sand island in the world, or maybe you just want to hang out in Byron Bay and play your guitar on the beach?

Australia is a country with such a diversity of nature and animals. It is very easy to travel from one spot to another. If you are time limited and it is too far to drive by car/campervan, you can always take a plane.

Even if you don't like the beach, you can explore thousands of nature parks or go for hour-long hikes into the mountains.

How to get from A to B? How to travel? Have you thought about maybe renting a car/campervan, or do you rather join an amazing group with fun-filled people on a tour and let the tourguide do all the hard work?

We have been there and seen almost everything on the East Coast. We have travelled all over the coast and can tell you the best spots to stop and what stops not to stop.

Do you need some inspiration? Do you just want some tips? Or do you just want to have a chat?

We are here for you!

Stop by in our shop, give us a call, send us an email...we are here!


Just imagine what you can do...

... Sip wine in Hunter Valley

... Go for a Skydive and see the Great Barrier Reef

... Go sandboarding in Port Stephens

... Learn how to surf in the best spots

... Drive your 4WD on Fraser Island

... Sleep on a boat in the Whitsunday Islands

... Visit the amazing waterfalls near Cairns

Who are we kidding? This list can be endless....

Just shoot us a message and we can tell you sooooooooo much more!

Speak to you soon! Travel safe!