How to get around in Sydney?

Sometimes when you arrive in a new city, it might seem hectic and not logical at all and too big and/or busy.

Sydney does the same to you. It might be a worldwide city, but...the city itself is not too big and easily accessible by foot.

Just remember the two main streets in the city and you will get everywhere.

Street 1 to remember: William street (not just because we are here ;) ) with the Coca Cola on one end (where Kings Cross is) to the other end which is Darling Harbour (William street will turn into Park and Druitt street, but keep on walking straight ahead).

Street 2 to remember: George street. This street goes from one end with Central Station and Chinatown all the way to Circular Quay where you can find the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

The public transport network in Sydney is pretty good. We have trains, lightrails, buses and ferries that can take you wherever you want to go.

If you want to use public transport, we recommend you get an Opal card.

This card you use to tap on/off on all ways of public transport (buses, trains, ferries, lightrails) in NSW. You can buy a card for $10 (with the $10 credit on it) and use it straight away.

opal fares.jpg

And did you know they have capped it off per day/week, so you will not spend more than necessary.

opal fares2.jpg

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