Australian Backpackers Guide To What To Do When It Rains

What to do on a rainy day?

It does happen…rainy days while you are travelling in Australia (the 6th of June in Sydney...check!).

You thought when you booked your ticket it would be sunny and warm every day and you would chill out at the beach, get a golden brown tan, walk around on flip flops and in shorts every day or have a BBQ in a park every other day… wrong (sorry, that was cruel)!





Unfortunately the clouds get angry too in Australia, so you need to find something to do. If you are not working on those days and you do want to make the best of it, check out our tips below.

1 bed.jpg


1.       Stay in bed

Of course the number one is staying in bed. You wake up in your dorm room and you already hear the rain smashing against your window.

You don’t want to get up and decide to stay in bed anyways. A lot of the other tips are all do-able from your warm and cosy bed.





2 pub rain.jpg

 2.       Go to the pub or a café

Okay, this one is a hard one to do from your bed, but might as well be a good option to get out of your bed and maybe do number 3 in the meantime as well.

Find some other people in the hostel who also look bored and are not sure what to do.

Get off your phone and turn your notifications off (just for maybe 1 or 2 hours no WhatsApp, Facebook, texts) and enjoy the time to meet and talk to new people. There is this saying ‘Strangers are just friends you haven’t met’…today is the day to find out.

Ask if someone wants to join you to go to the pub close to the hostel (maybe even share an umbrella) or of course, if it is real early in the day, go to a café and have a coffee.


3 laundry.jpg

3.       Do your laundry

While you are in bed or out for a beer or a coffee, why not take the time in the meantime to do your (well-needed) laundry.








 4.       Write finally your emails or send postcards to your friends and family

Your friends and family keep on asking how you are doing, and because you are such a busy backpacker with lots of stuff to do, you never can seem to find a moment to write an email to your family and friends back home.

See, also this you can do from your bed. Grab your laptop/tablet or phone and start writing long emails about what you have been doing and what you are up to. To not spend the whole day writing long emails (you might want to try the other tips out too), you can just copy and paste emails to different friends or family members, or why not write 1 email to a big group of people. They will be talking at home about how jealous they are of your travels and adventures (not knowing you write this from your bed while it pours with rain outside).

Or why not finally write those postcards that have been in your bag for ages. It is always so nice (and not to mention personal) to receive a handwritten postcard from someone you love from far away.


5 diary.jpg

5.       Update your blog or journal

And if you are at it, you might as well just update your travel journal (online or maybe you still do the old fashioned thing, and you write it with a pen…what?!?).





 6.       Read a book

6 read.jpg

You brought your books or magazines for a reason, and you just cannot seem to find any time to read them. Today is the day. And if you finish your book, why not walk (I know…this means you would have to get out of bed) to the bookcase (most hostels have one) and exchange your book for another one (which you can start reading next time when it rains).



7 cooking.jpg

 7.       Eat or show your mum you do cook

Of course, you are a backpacker, so you also need to eat.

Maybe just a quick sandwich is enough (a slice of white bread with some cheese, or maybe even just a can of tuna), but you might want to have a chat with your roommates and see if they are up for cooking a great meal for lunch/dinner.

You can share the costs of the shopping (you can have great meals for a few dollars, the more people the merrier (and cheaper), and you can have a fun chat while in the kitchen proving to your parents that you DO cook your meals (of course do not forget to take photos). “Hopefully” one of the other people don’t mind to go and walk to the shops to do some groceries shopping.


8.       Organise your photos

8 photos.jpg

By the time you are 1 or 2 months into your travelling you have taken soooooo many photos and you might not even look at all of them later on. If you are planning on making a photo album, take this rainy day to already start choosing the photos you want to have in your album. Make a ‘favourites’ folder on your laptop or in your phone and if you do this a few times while travelling when it rains, you can “almost” have your album ready within 2 weeks when you come back home.

Maybe you can already make an online album, and with one click on the computer you can have it printed and made into an album while you are recovering from your jetlag when you go back home.



9 talk.jpg

9.       Talk to other people

Needless to say, but you are not the only one who is annoyed it is raining. Go and walk to the communal areas in the hostel (maybe there is a garden, big kitchen, lounge room or TV room) and see if there are like-minded people who maybe also want to go to the pub or a café with you, or just have a chat (…because you don’t have anything else to do).




10 game.jpg

 10.   Play board games or watch a movie

Most hostels have board games in the communal areas. Do expect that there will be pieces missing of most of the games, but who cares…it is raining and you have nothing else to do. Besides board games most hostels also have a selection of DVD’s or a hard drive where you can choose any of the many movies and chill out, relax and watch a movie you always wanted to see. Or maybe this is finally the day to do a “Lord of the Rings” or “Star wars” marathon. Before you know it, you look outside and the sun is back.


 11.   Plan the next part of your trip

You have many plans and you want to see everything in Australia. But now you are here, and what is next? You don’t want to spend all your time inside a hostel (even though it might be fun for a few rainy days), but you came all the way to Australia to explore and discover.

So grab your Lonely Planet, Google, talk to other backpackers what their favourite spots are and of course, get in touch ( can do this from your bed) with the staff at Australian Backpackers Work and Travel Programs if you are in need of tips/inspiration or check the website.


 12.   Go outside anyways

12 go outside.jpg

In your home country you don’t care about the rain, and you would go outside anyways. Why not here. It might be rainy, but…good shoes on (avoid flip flops, as most Australian pavements are made to be very slippery when wet), a rain coat (or a poncho or just a hoodie…whatever floats your goat), sunglasses on (you never know…the sun might come out…Australia has 4 seasons in one day) and go outside.

Go and check out the many free museums, walk in shopping malls, go to libraries, go to bookshops where you can also drink a coffee…and many more options without getting rained soaking wet.


See…also rainy days in Australia can be AMAZING!

Enjoy this rainy day…enjoy it till the fullest, before you know it you will be complaining again that the sun is too bright, you got sunburned and it is too hot!