Australian Backpackers Guide to How Much Costs...

If I go shopping today, how much will things cost (in a supermarket) ... looking at the ‘cheap/affordable’ items












  • Bread (white - 1 loaf sliced) --- $1.00
  • Cheese (1 kg) --- $7.50                                             
  • Avocado (1 piece) --- $2.20
  • Bottle of Coca Cola (1 litre) --- $4.60                                 
  • Box of (free range) eggs (12 eggs) --- $4.00
  • Case of Corona beers (24 bottles) --- $64.00
  • Bottle of whisky --- $35.00
  • Cigarettes (cheaper brand- 25 cigarettes) --- $27.00
  • Cucumber (1 piece) --- $3.20
  • Smoked salmon sliced (300 gr) --- $13.00
  • Apple (Granny Smith - 1 piece) --- $1.00
  • Shampoo (350 ml bottle) --- $6.00
  • Rump steak (1 kg) --- $25.00                                          
  • Milk (2 liters) --- $2.00    
  • Bottles of water (8 bottles 1.5 l) --- $6.30                                                
  • Can of tuna --- $1.00
  • Instant coffee (500 gr) --- $15.00
  • Bag of pasta (500 gr) --- $2.00             
  • Toilet rolls (6 rolls) --- $4.00                                             
  • Jar of peanut butter --- $1.90
  • Night of accommodation 6 bed dorm --- $18.00 - $45.00 per night
  • Diesel fuel (1 litre) --- 1.53 (average)                                             
  • Unleaded fuel (1 litre) ---$1.62 (average)

They have many supermarkets in Australia. Coles and Woolworths are the biggest ones, but you also have Aldi and IGA. See if there is a fruit/vegetables market where you are, as you might be able to buy more veggies and fruits for a cheaper price here.

When you want to know how much money you will spend per week, look at your spending pattern and don’t forget that you have to sleep every night and eat food every day.


If you like to go out and party every night, you can of course go to all happy hours in the bars and pay $5 for a beer or wine, but if you go to any other bar and not the happy hour ones, count on about minimum $9 for a beer or a glass of wine. In most places you need to pay an entree fee when you go to a club on weekends (this can vary between $10 and $40).

If you want to hire a car, stay in motels or hotels, do sightseeing and eat out every day, think about spending on average about $140 per day.

It is always cheaper to cook together, go camping or stay in hostels and don’t go out every night. If you do this you should be able to get around with less than $75 per day.

Hiring a campervan is already possible from $25 per day. This is already cheaper than a dorm room in a hostel, and also includes your transport as well. There are many free campsites and also the ones where you have to pay are not too expensive (you also often have the choice between powered and unpowered site).

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Happy shopping!