The ultimate packing list for motorhome and campervan road trips in Australia

The ultimate packing list for motorhome and campervan road trips in Australia

On motorhome and campervan road trips, you can travel at your own pace and seek out adventures in Australia without having to worry about making hotel reservations or following a strict itinerary. Renting a motorhome or campervan will give you a high degree of flexibility, convenience, and freedom. You can take full advantage of these qualities by ensuring that you pack the correct items to take on your trip.

The list of items to bring on a campervan road trip in Australia will depend on your needs and preferences. However, many people will find that specific things will allow them to take advantage of the conveniences and comforts that make motorhome and campervan road trips so attractive.

Here are the items you should consider packing for your journey.

Clothes and Accessories

Your clothes and accessory choices will depend on the time of year and your chosen destinations. The best strategy is to plan to dress in layers. Your list might include:

  • Underwear and socks for each day
  • Shorts and singlets or t-shirts
  • A few pairs of comfortable pants, such as track pants
  • At least one long-sleeve shirt
  • At least one jumper (more if you plan to visit a colder location, such as a mountain)
  • Rain jackets or other climate-appropriate rain gear

In addition to clothing, you should also take accessories. Other than rain and poor weather, you also need to be ready for the sun.

  • Sunnies
  • A hat to provide shade
  • Sunscreen with a high SPF rating (50 or higher)

Of course, if you plan to visit the beach or pool, you will want to carry the necessary swimming outfits, as well.

Medical Supplies and First Aid

One of the most attractive aspects of motorhome or campervan road trips is freedom. This independence is great, but it also means that you need to be ready for any incidents or injuries. Of course, help is a call away, but it pays to prepare a first aid kit to deal with minor injuries. You can also pack supplies to prevent problems, such as bug bites.

  • All necessary medication
  • Paracetamol or other painkiller tablets
  • Band-aids for minor cuts and abrasions
  • Something to clean and disinfect minor cuts, such as Tricin
  • Personal insect repellant
  • Soap and hand sanitiser
  • General alcohol-based cleaner for disinfecting wounds

Devices for Fun and Safety

Phones and computers can help you stay connected, navigate while on the road, and call in case of an emergency. In addition to these smart devices, you also need other equipment to ensure you remain safe during your motorhome or campervan road trip. Here are some options for what you should carry.

  • A smartphone with navigation capabilities
  • Additional devices for passengers for both entertainment and communication
  • A reserve battery that you can use to charge devices in case of emergency
  • Adapters to charge phones via the motorhome or campervan's electrical system
  • A battery-powered light (preferably with a removable battery) that you can use in case of emergency
  • Headphones so that passengers can enjoy their phones or computers without bothering others in the vehicle
  • Pocket Wi-Fi to offer connections to people who do not have direct data service on their device (optional)

If you plan to travel to remote areas, you might want to bring a separate GPS device so that you can always be aware of your location.

Other Items to Bring on Your Motorhome or Campervan Road Trip

You can also bring items that will help you get the most out of your motorhome or campervan adventure. These vehicles will allow you to get close to the adventures you prefer, so you will want to make sure that you bring the equipment and supplies needed to take full advantage of this freedom.

  • Here are some ideas for other items you can bring on your road trip.
  • Clothes and boots for hiking
  • Surfboards
  • Appropriate clothing for swimming
  • Floats, personal floatation devices, and other water safety items
  • Bicycles and bike safety equipment
  • Fishing tackle, rods, and reels Sports equipment
  • Binoculars
  • A digital camera and related memory cards
  • Your favourite outdoor game equipment

You can get in touch with your chosen rental company to ensure that you can fit larger items on the vehicle that you rent.

What Items Will a Good Motorhome and Campervan Rental Company Supply?

A quality motorhome and campervan rental company can supply tables, chairs, and other outdoor equipment if you need them. However, they will also let renters bring their own outdoor furnishings if they prefer. Furthermore, a good motorhome hire firm will supply cooking utensils, cutlery, and everything else that you need to prepare meals on the road.

What About Food?

What types of foods are best for a road trip? You can plan out your menu beforehand. You can bring meats, dairy products, and other perishable items if you have something to keep food cool. It would help if you also opted for items that are easy to carry and prepare, such as rice or pasta. Bread and spreadable foods like Vegemite or jam can also provide a convenient snack.

Select the Right Vehicle for Your Motorhome or Campervan Road Trip

The amount of space that you have to carry items depends on your choice of motorhome or campervan. A smaller campervan can accommodate two people, while larger motorhomes can sleep up to six. However, regardless of your chosen model, you will have ample space for luggage and necessities for each person on the road trip.

If you book well in advance, you can have the largest selection of features and size options. A quality motorhome and campervan rental company will have options for solo or couple travel or a road trip with the whole family or a group of friends.

It is never too early to find out about options for your next motorhome or campervan road trip. Furthermore, once you choose the vehicle size and amenities, you can start creating the list of items that you need to bring with you.

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