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Whale Watching

June 1, 2022

Last week of September we got lucky driving with a motorhome from Brisbane down to Sydney. We spotted whales along the coast of Norries Head! (between Gold Coast & Byron Bay). We decided to take out the drone and take some shots, we spotted 2 adults and 2 calves. Absolutely amazing sights. Even the locals we chatted to were stunned, they do frequent the area but rarely as close as today! Want to go on whale watching trip yourself? Get a campervan quote or search yourself for a nice deal and drive yourself along the East Coast of Australia.

Right after we finished our lunch and in front of our Cruisin’ Motorhome and a refreshing swim we spotted some weird wave movements on the ocean. First, we thought it where dolphins but after a better look we could see it was something much larger asking for our attention. A quick run back to the motorhome to grab the drone resulted in the shots above.


This really depends where you are going and which period you are travelling in. Times may very each season cause of water temperatures and weather conditions. If you are lucky you might cross paths with them. Starting in June to August you have the best chance to see them travelling north, escaping the colder waters of the Atlantic where they have been feeding themselves on krill. They are on their way to warmer waters to give birth to their calves. Their travels back down south usually take place between September and November.

Commonly known periods for spotting whales are the following:

Great Barrier Reef: May – September, peaking in Early July
Gold Coast: Peaking in August
North-west coast: March – September
East Coast: July – October
South Coast: June – October
Sydney: May – July & September – November.


One of the best locations to see whales would be Hervey Bay, located next to Fraser Island which forms a natural protection bay with shallow waters. It creates an ideal environment for the whales and their calves to take a little rest before returning to colder waters down south. The best period for spotting whales in this area would be between July & October.

Other good locations for spotting whales would be Eden and Byron Bay. But also, all along the east coast in the period July & October. We recommend getting a little higher up then the beach. Go to one of the many “Heads” or lookouts along the east coast. If you have the time and willing take it a step further, we recommend taking a whale watching tour. Although never guaranteed, we wish you all the luck with catching a glimpse of these magnificent creatures.

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