Scooteroo - motorbike through Agnes Water


Scooteroo - motorbike through Agnes Water


For a unique biker experience - come and join us for the ride of your life on your own Chopper motorbike. These machines are easy to ride. If you can ride a bicycle you can ride a Chopper motorbike!  NO MOTOR BIKE LICENSE REQUIRED !  All you need is a car license, provisional or learners ...

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Length of tour - 2.5 Hours (after training and briefing)

Specify the number of max passengers on tour

Wear closed shoes, long pants, put on sun cream and bring your sunnies and a camera

NO MOTOR BIKE LICENSE REQUIRED !  All you need is a car license, provisional or learners permit.  

Explore the town of  Agnes Water up through the hills and overlooking the ocean. Spot wild kangaroos and wallabies along the scenic drive then head for the historical Town Of 1770. Enjoy a delicious bowl of hot potato wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream, which can be purchased from the Marina cafe. Ride home into the setting sun.

3 hours of the most fun under the sun.

What's Included:
FREE BUS Transfers from the Town centre.
FREE PHOTOS of "You in Action" on your own chopper. All photos will be uploaded to facebook.


complimentary drink at the end of the tour


Beautiful Ruaral Scenery ; Most unique way to take in the sights of the Historic Town of 1770 and the Township of Agnes Water;  Spot Wallabies and kangaroos in the wild. Ride back into the Sunset; Be part of a pack of Bad Ass Bikers for a fun filled, action packed afternoon.


Check in at Southern Cross Backpackers

Get Tattoed up

Ride the Training Track

Get on your bikes

Hit the country roads around Agnes Water

See Kangaroos in the wild

Be Badass

Head up to Town of 1770

Watch the start of the Sunset

Cruise back and enjoy a complinentary wine punch

Voted the top 5 things to do on the East Coast