Sydney: Tower Eye with Observation Deck


Sydney: Tower Eye with Observation Deck

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The Sydney Tower Eye with Observation Deck offers stunning, uninterrupted panoramic 360 degree views of Sydney 

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Experience the true beauty of Sydney at the Sydney Tower Eye. The breathtaking 360-degree, sky-high view takes in every detail for more than 80km in any direction, from the Blue Mountains in the West and Botany Bay in the South, to Sydney Harbour in the north and the Pacific Ocean in the East... and everything in between. Standing in the tallest building in Sydney, you're 250 metres above Sydney's streets with high-powered binoculars and interactive touch-screens ensuring you don't miss a thing. You'll discover a new dimension to spectacular Sydney with our 4D cinema experience, and SKYWALK, an exhilarating outdoor viewing experience.

Uncover a new dimension to Sydney with the brand new 4D cinema experience, the first produced in Australia!  See what makes Sydney through a whole new perspective with spectacular footage transporting you across Sydney Harbour, its famous coastline, iconic landmarks and events that are integral to the city. 

The engaging film experience is taken to the fourth dimension with evocative in-theatre effects including wind, bubbles and water - a perfect way to get to know the inspiring city of Sydney.  OBSERVATION DECK


Nestled at the highest point of the city, the Observation Deck offers you the ultimate view of Sydney where you'll enjoy a horizon-to-horizon panorama. 

Stroll around and take in the sights from every point of the compass – the Blue Mountains are right there to the West, with the sprawling Western Suburbs in the foreground. Look to the North and marvel at the Harbour's intricate shoreline in incredible detail, while the South reveals the bustling Sydney Airport all the way through to historic Botany Bay. Meanwhile, the East will take your breath away with Sydney's famous party precincts and beachside playgrounds leading to an unmatched view of the Pacific Ocean.

State-of-the-art multilingual touchscreens provide an interactive introduction to some of Sydney’s famous landmarks, and the high-powered binoculars offer you a closer look.  With both day and night viewing available, there's simply no better place to experience the beauty of one of the world's most picturesque cities. 

Seasonal opening hours

  • CURRENT: 4 October 2015 - 25 April 2016, last guest entry at 9:00pm, close at 10:00pm
  • 26 April 2016 - 3 October 2016, last guest entry at 8:30pm, close at 9:30pm