6 months value arrival pack


6 months value arrival pack

49.00 69.00

If you arrive in Australia all by yourself and you do need a hand with a few things to set up before you can and will enjoy your travels in Australia, why not book a 'Value Arrival Pack'?

It doesn't matter where in Australia you arrive, we can send you your pack to anywhere you will be staying.

You can choose a 6 months value arrival pack and you will get help with all essential stuff upon arrival. 

What is included in this package?

  • 6 months Australian Backpackers membership Job Club offering exclusive weekly email alerts, job opportunities, finding work assistance Australia-wide             
  • Local Australian Backpackers staff member in Sydney to assist with all work and travel enquiries
  • Job Consultant who offers personal assistance with resume/CV compilation - personal 1:1 job talk in Sydney
  • Tax File Number registration
  • Assistance with setting up your bank account
  • Ongoing job search support for the term of your membership
  • 24 hour help line
  • Member discounts for travel specials in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji
  • Unlimited free internet in Sydney
  • Advice and assistance in applying for second year working holiday visa.
  • Tax back/return consultation
  • Medicare set up (if eligible)
  • Mail holding/forwarding service
  • Luggage storage


POST-SUMMER special - $49 instead of $69 * for bookings made in April/May 2017 *


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