Covid-19 Policy: Australian Backpacker’s has committed to ensuring our customers are supported during these uncertain times. Check out our covid-19 policy and feel secure abour your travel plans.

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Covid-19 Policy


Australian Backpackers advises you to consider the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and associated Australian government measures. As a booking agent your COVID-19 cancellation request will be based on the policy of the specific operator you have booked with. We understand that due to COVID-19 and its health implications, you may want to change your plans and Australian Backpackers will support your cancellation request. We will engage and advocate for you with the operator if COVID-19 has restricted you from travelling. Australian Backpackers can attest to the professionalism from each of the operators partnered with us when dealing with cancellations due to COVID-19.

Why does COVID-19 not impact the general policy for Australian Backpackers?

Cancellation’s due to Coronavirus is dependent on the policy set by the operator you have booked your campervan/motorhome with. As such, it would not be appropriate to make a universal change to our general policy.


If you require your booking to be cancelled, each operator has provided their policy on COVID cancellations. Please review each of the following policies provided to us by the operators. Please note that each operator has a different policy and can differ from each other. See a summary of each operators COVID-19 Policy;
  1. Operators offering a full refund
  • We will offer to rebook their travel,
  • Offer the opportunity of a credit note for unused days or cancellation fees due.
  • If these are unworkable we will offer a full refund.
Apollo/Cheapa/Hippie/STAR RV
  • We will be in contact with those guests due to pick up in the next 7 days as a priority
  • All impacted guests are able to amend their booking to a future date, where the value of their current booking will be credited for the same guest to use on their new booking, subject to availability. Credit is available for travel up until March 31 2023.
  • Subject to availability, guests can choose to amend their travel location – we will waive change of locations fees  – please contact Apollo reservations for options.
  • Subject to availability, guests already on hire and due to drop off in Brisbane/Perth/Sydney/Darwin during the lockdown, can choose to extend their rental for up to 14 days at a discounted rate. Please contact Reservations for options.
  • If guests wish to cancel we will waive cancellation fees.
  • We will cancel the booking and waive the cancellation fee
  • The customer will be entitled to a full refund
  • Travel can be any time before 31 March 2022
  • They can transfer a booking to another location – Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or Cairns regardless of where the original booking was due to pick up
  • Depending on the new pick up date a higher daily rate may apply
JUCY Rentals
  • If the customer is picking up or travelling from a location which is in lockdown, we are waiving the cancellation fee as long as they let us know at least 24 hours prior or if restrictions have just been in put in place on the day of travel
  • Offer to rebook their travel
  • If you cannot rebook your dates a free cancellation and refund will be offered
  1. Operators offering either a full refund or credit
Travellers Autobarn
  • If outside of 7 days of pick-up date – full refund
  • If within 7 days of pick-up date – 100% credit note
Spaceship Rentals
  • If 7 days or more from pickup date – full refund
  • If between 1-6 days of pick-up date – 100% credit note
  1. Operator offering just a credit
LET’s GO Motorhomes
  • We are offering the cancellation fees applicable as a booking credit if cancelled due to COVID-19
  • If cancelled more than 60 days prior to pick up: No fee applicable
  • If cancelled 60 to 30 days prior to pick up: AUD $100 fee will apply
  • If cancelled 29 to 14 days prior to pick up: AUD $350 fee will apply
  • If cancelled 13 to 1 days prior to pick up: AUD $500 fee or 50% of the Total Rental (whichever is greater) will apply
  • If cancelled on the day of pick up or a No Show: 100% of the Total Rental will apply, including any applicable One Way Fees.


If, due to COVID-19 you are looking to move your booking to a future date, Australian Backpackers will facilitate the discussion with the operator however the changes requested may be subject to a different in price (higher or lower) and availability. This may be due to seasonality.

If the rates are higher, you will have to pay the difference between the original price and the price for your new dates. If they are lower, the price difference will be refunded or reflected in your new booking confirmation.


If you have travel insurance, check your policy to see if unforeseen events like coronavirus are covered.


Australian Backpacker’s has committed to ensuring our customers are supported during these uncertain times. We want to encourage travel in Australia through exploring the roads in a campervan or motorhome and will support and advocate on your behalf to receive the best result possible. Australian Backpackers, were we can have decided that booking deposits will be provided as a booking credit for a future booking if cancelled due to COVID-19 with a three year time limit. This may change due to the individual policies of each operator that you have booked your campervan or motorhome with. Each deposit will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

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