On-Going Personal Job Support

We've helped thousands of backpackers find roles that they love to fund their travels while down under. Unlike other backpacker service providers that simply provide you with a list of jobs to search and apply for, we have personal job consultants and recruiters that will work directly with you to find and place you into available jobs around the country based on your personal preferences.

As a member of Australian Backpackers, your personal job consultant will work with you throughout your stay in Australia to help you find, apply and secure new job opportunities as you travel around the country. 

Find Work That You Love

 Love Work in Hospitality, Construction, Promotions, Farming or Outback

With a massive partner network of companies around Australia, our vast database of jobs is ever-growing, with roles ranging from hospitality and retail positions, to night club promotions, farming/outback ranch work, and construction and demolition jobs. 


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What You Can Expect:

  • A personal intake consultation in person or via email/phone correspondence with your job consultant to create an employee profile for you on our system.
  • Your personal  job consultant will then help you compile and prepare your resume/CV and have it sent to a minimum of 10 companies on behalf of you based on your work preferences.
  • You can expect guaranteed job offers at desired work opportunities in the first seven days of submitting your CV and job applications through Australian Backpackers!

Book an Arrival Package to become a member of Australian Backpackers and take advantage of our personal job support services:

Add ons:

Certification & Training Courses

Speak to our team about doing one or more of the following Australian certification and training courses:

  • RSA (alcohol service) - in Sydney from $140 per course

  • White Card (building and construction work) - online from $39

  • Barista (cafe service) - in Sydney from $149 per course

  • Jackaroo/Jilleroo Ranch & Outback (farm work) - $695

When you want to work in hospitality in Australia, venues will want you to have your RSA. In short; this certificate allows you to serve people alcohol and know the general rules and laws referring alcohol/bars in Australia.

If you want more information on these course, contact us and we can advise you further.