Strawberries pickers - start asap in QLD

For a strawberries farm we are looking for about 20 people to start working as from March 4th.

The farm is located about 1 hour north of Brisbane.

The job counts for your second year visa. Preferably you will have your own car.

Start is about the 5th of March till the middle/end of April.

Please note: the job is not paid by the hour. It is paid per planted plant. Some farms pay $35 per thousand while others pay $40 or $50. You work in a group of 3 people and the total plants your tram plant, will be divided by 3. You will only work from about 6.30am till about lunch with a few breaks in that time. Each person can plant between 2000 and 3500 plants in that time.

If you want more information, please send your email to:

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