Your taxes up to 31st December 2016

In relation to the new backpacker tax that has been introduced, this is only effective for anybody on a 417 or 462visa, on earnings from the 1st of Jan 2017 onwards.

Anything earned up until this point is subject to the old taxation laws, and anything earned from the 1st of January onwards is subject to the new taxation rules.

The tax year continues as normal and the person will file their taxes as normal in tax season, the only exception to this is if the person is leaving Australia before the end of the tax year, then they can file their application as an Early Assessment.

·         New laws will be in place from Jan 1st

·         15% tax rate for backpackers (for income under $37,00) NO TAX FREE THRESHOLD

·         This is only for income earned from 01.01.2017