What do the tax changes mean for you?

What do the Australian backpacker changes mean for you?

The recent changes in the Australian backpacker tax have caused a lot of confusion, not only amongst working holiday backpackers but also amongst many employers and even some accountants and tax agents. When it comes to the tax rates, there are a few quick things to note.

From January 1, the tax rate for working holidaymakers in Australia has been made 15% on earnings up to $37,000.

For anything above $37,000, ordinary marginal rates will apply, which means all earnings from $37,001- $80,000 will be taxed at the standard 32.5% rate.

If you worked for the same employer before and after 1 January 2017, your employer will give you two payment summaries. Income earned before 1 January 2017 is taxed at ordinary rates. Income earned from 1 January 2017 is taxed at 15%. When you lodge your tax return it is important that your income is included correctly to ensure that you aren't over-taxed.

As a working holiday maker, any departing Australia super payment made on or after 1 July 2017 is taxed at 65%. The government’s rationale behind the withholding tax hike is to partially offset the cost of the reduction from 32.5% to 15%, as well as acting as an incentive to keep the superannuation money in Australian superfunds and the economy.

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