Arrival Packages To Suit YOUR Needs

By booking one of our Arrival Packages, you will become a member of the Australian Backpackers Network and receive a membership card that you can use to unlock exclusive discounts. With your membership card you'll receive 5-10% off all travel packages, campervan rentals, transport passes, guided tours,  accommodation, and more throughout your stay in Australia and New Zealand!

Put in your membership number and the promo code 'MEMBER' and you will get your discount immediately!

 Australian Backpackers Membership Card for Travel Discount

Package 1:
Arrival Essentials
Only $10

 New Arrival Essentials to Work in Australia

Don't break a sweat. We've done this thousands of times before! Our 12-months membership package provides you with everything you need to kick start your working holiday in OZ:

  • Welcome guide with all the information you need for your working holiday in Australia. 
  • Membership card for exclusive travel discounts in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Free bank account setup and ready for your first pay check!
  • Tax File Number (TFN) registration, including tax return consultation and superannuation declaration.
  • Unlimited free WIFI and use of computers, copy machine and scanner in our members lounge in Sydney.
  • Help with your travel plans around Australia and  pretty much anything else you need!

Package 2:
Arrival Essentials + Job Support
Only $69 

 Backpacker Job Support Services and Farm Work

This package includes everything in Package 1 PLUS a number of additional perks. Your very own personal job consultant will work with you throughout your entire stay in Australia to help you find, apply and secure new job opportunities as you travel around the country. 

  • Your very own personal job consultant providing you with support for your resume/CV compilation and on-going direct assistance finding work for you Australia-wide.
  • Physical mailbox to receive all your important letters and packages.
  • SIM card with an Australian phone number and $10 credit.
  • 2nd year visa assistance and Medicare setup, if eligible.
  • 24/7 emergency contact, in case you find yourself in trouble!
  • Help with search for long term. accommodation in Sydney and  pretty much anything else you need!

Package 3:
Arrival Essentials + Job Support + Airport Pick-Up & Accommodation
Only $169

 Airport Pick Up, Accommodation and Job Support

This package is for those arriving into Sydney who want to wonder off the plane and not lift a finger. Package 3 has everything you get in both arrival packages 1 and 2 and also includes transport from the airport and first nights in our quality hostel:

  • Airport pick-up/transfer to your hostel in Sydney.
  • 2 nights accommodation at a top hostel in Sydney (including priority check-in).
** Note: block out period for accommodation from 23rd December 2018 - 2nd January 2019.