Tips and tricks for your job interview

You are invited for an interview and then what?

There are a few important things to remember when you are going to an interview. Of course depending on the job or the company it could all be very different. However there are always a few things to keep in mind.

1) Know something about the company you are having your interview at. Do research (Google, go to the website). When you go to a company or even when they contact you by phone they might ask you 'what can you tell us about our company?'. When you start hesitating or have no idea what they really do or who they are because you applied for over a 100 jobs in the last two days, the company might see this as a sign you are not suitable to work for them.

Always keep track of the jobs you are applying for. Know who they are when they contact you (maybe keep a little notebook with some notes in it or put notes in your phone).

2) Know the name of the person you will have the interview with. If you are invited by a company and you are not sure who the person was you are going to meet, just contact them again and ask for the correct name.

3) Dress for the interview. As said before every job and company is different so also the dress code will be different. One main thing to keep in mind is not to wear any clothes that look like rags or wear thongs. When applying for a job in hospitality wear something that makes you look representable (black pants (as most companies will want you to wear this anyways) and a decent shirt) for a job in construction you could wear a jeans (without holes in it) and a shirt on top of it and closed shoes. When meeting for a promotion job, look like you are up for the job (do you know what the promotion will be for?) and make sure you are that outgoing/social/friendly person you mentioned in your job application. 

4) Be on time. Make sure you know where to go and how to get there. Maybe you need to take public transport someplace you haven't been before, check beforehand how to get there and not shortly before your interview. Being on time makes a good impression. If you are running late due to public transport or anything, call them and let them know you are on your way and that you are running late.

5) Stay calm and positive. This might be your first job interview ever or you always tend to get a bit nervous when you go for an interview, this is all normal. Most people get nervous for an interview and the people who will interview you know this as well. Just try to be yourself, try to scan the person you are having your interview with and try to stay away from making a lot of jokes (many people tend to do this when getting nervous). Your posture is important and shows a lot about yourself. Do not sit with your arms crossed while talking as this gives a defensive look. Pay attention and listen carefully to what the interviewer is asking or telling you. Do you understand everything? If not, it is not strange to ask them when it is not clear to maybe tell you again or in another way. 'Would you mind clarifying this a bit more for me?' or 'It is not quite clear, could you maybe repeat it again?'.

6) Be ready. Bring extra copies of your CV, even though you already sent it to them by email. Make notes if you want to (bring a pen and paper) and prepare a short list with questions about things you would like to know about the job if this was not clear in the job description.

Last but not least, know about the job you are having the interview for. It is not uncommon that people apply for so many jobs that they don't know what they applied for. However, when you are at a company for an interview as a removalist it is handy to know this is the job you are applying for and not a kitchen hand job.