How To Get Around In Sydney

When you are in Sydney and you want to get around you can:

1) Walk (Sydney is really not that big)                     or                       2) Take Public Transport


In Sydney (and further NSW) you would be best off by buying an Opal Card. This is a public transport card that you can use for buses, trains, ferries and lightrails. You can use the card everywhere in NSW. Keep in mind that this card is not valid in other states!!!

You can buy one in any of the many retailers that sell the Opal-cards (such as convenience stores, newsagencies, station kiosks) for $10 (which will give you the card PLUS $10 travel-money).

The fares you pay are dependable on the distance of travel (from top on to tap off) and the mode of transport (train/bus/ferry/lightrail).

No matter how much you travel, you will never pay more than the daily/weekly/Sunday caps.



These caps (so the maximum amount you will pay) are:

When you are travelling in Sydney you need to have the Adult Opal Card.

The fares per mode of transport: