Before you arrive

Before you arrive in Australia, we will already send you information on what to do at the airport, what hostel you will be staying at, information on your bank account/TFN/Mail service/finding work (information on how to make a CV/resume) and other important contact details of Australian Backpackers.
Our staff are ready to help you before you come to Australia with any question you might have. Maybe you already are planning on finding work in the first week of arrival, send your CV and we will make sure it is all 'ready-to-go' before you set foot in Australia.

Arrival in Australia

When you arrive in Australia your transport to your hostel is all arranged. You can after a long flight sit back and relax and be dropped off in front of your hostel accommodation.

The staff at the hostels will welcome you and your trip is finally starting. You will get a welcome package with all information on your package, a SIM-card and of course info on working and travelling in Australia.


Day of arrival

Depending on what time you will arrive, we will make sure we will not plan your entire day full and give you some time to get used to the climate and absorb this new adventure.

Maybe you want to go chill out in the common area of the hostel and meet new people, maybe you want to get some sleep, try your SIM-card and call the homefront you arrived all okay or maybe you want to go for a walk through the city. Our staff is ready for all your questions, so you can always have a chat with any of us and we will be here to help you out.


Welcome presentation

Our staff will sit down with you in the first days of your arrival and give you all information you want (and need) to know about your work and travel package in Australia.

We will talk about all important issues: bank account, TFN, Tax (return) and superannuation, Emergency contact details (24 hr helpline), Medicare, Mail forwarding service, Luggage storage, tours and travel tips and of course jobs.

We will have a 1-on-1 consultation with you about what you want to do work-wise. Maybe you already know, maybe you are not sure yet. Our job officers are here to help you with all your questions and to help you find a job in Australia.

Our job officers will help you create a CV (resume) and will not only apply for jobs for you but will also give you contact details of companies and organisations Australia-wide. They are here to assist you wherever you will be in Australia, not just the arrival city.

We have free WIFI and computers in our Members Lounge in Sydney, send an email or an app to your friends and family and let them know you arrived safe and sound in Australia or update your Facebook .

Social night

Of course in the hostels you will already meet many like-minded travellers, but we also organisesocial nights in Sydney to meet up with more and new people and just to have a great night.

Whether this is a wine and cheese night, or a BBQ|Pizza night or a group|pub meal our own members lounge, or maybe in a park or at the beach, or maybe even on a rooftop terrace or in an Aussie venue...of course this is always weather-related, but the options are endless. 

Beach or city walk

In Sydney there will also be a coastal walk along the beaches from Coogee to the world-famous (who hasn't heard of it) Bondi Beach, or a walk through the yet unknown secret alleys in Sydney, from the city centre to the Rocks to the Opera House and more.

Harbour Cruise

While cruising a full day on the Sydney harbour you might even see some dolphins, seals or whales, while you hop on/hop off.


A stunning walk will give you amazing views over the Sydney skyline and the open ocean with all rock formations. Of course bring your bikini/shorts and towel to take a dive into the clear waters with the skyline in the background.

Of course you will probably get hungry of the fresh seabreeze...bring your own lunch or grab a bite to eat at the world famous fish and chips at the number #1 fish restaurant in Australia. And if you don't like fish, they also have other options. Eat while you watch the pelicans swim by.

Learn how to surf

If you have booked the 6 night package, you will also have a full daytrip on learning how to surf (the Ozzie way).

With great local 'dudes/dudettes' instructors practicing on the beach and after that into the water to catch that perfect first wave.

Blue Mountains

If you have booked the 6 night package, you will have a full day trip to the Blue Mountains included, with local tour guides and a lunch.

Visit the 3 sisters, Katoomba (the capital of the Blue Mountains), waterfalls and hike through this amazing national park.

Don't forget to take your camera to take photos of the mountains (that seem (depending on the weather) to be blue in real life.


What to do after?

Of course when your package ends, this does not mean the end for us. Our staff will be ready to help you with any travel-related questions on how to see and to get most out of your Ozzie adventure.

Do you already need a job? No worries, our jobs consultants are ready to get you in the right direction.

For any questions at all during your trip (whether it is a few months or a full year), we will be here to help you out...wherever you are!