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Campervan Hire Cairns

At Australian Backpackers, we make it easier and quicker for you to search, compare pricing, and get campervan hire or motorhome rental in Cairns. We guarantee the most competitive prices on motorhome rental and campervan hire in Australia and back this up with an impressive guarantee.

About Cairns

Located in Tropical North Queensland (TNQ), Cairns is a fascinating city with lots of experiences to offer. The city is one of Australia’s most thriving tourist hotspots that attract tourists from every corner of the world. It’s also an applauded gateway to two major natural attractions: the Wet Tropics Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns boasts plenty of natural wonders and exciting attractions such as beautiful gardens, rainforests, lakes, and surrounding national parks. For those wishing to explore the Far North coast of Australia, Cairns is a great place to start. And the best way to enjoy your adventures and create unforgettable memories is to hire a campervan from Cairns.

Cairns Weather

Cairns experiences a tropical climate with mild to dry winters and hot to humid summers. The city has high temperatures throughout the year, ranging between 26°C and 31°C, with an annual average of 29°C.

When is the Best Time to Visit Cairns & Far North Queensland?

The best time to visit Cairns and Far North Queensland is during spring, autumn, and summer. During these months, there is less rain, so you’ll have adequate time for sightseeing in the city, surfing on beaches, and exploring the natural beauty of Far North Queensland.

What to See & Experience with a Campervan or Motorhome Rental around Cairns

Northern Queensland is jam-packed with fascinating landscapes, natural beauty, and fantastic destinations. With a campervan that offers both transport and accommodation in a single package, you can have an unforgettable road trip. The good thing about a campervan rental is that it provides freedom and flexibility to plan and change your itinerary to fit your schedule.
Here are our top itinerary ideas to get you started on your grand tour around Cairns.

Whitsundays & the Great Barrier Reef

If you love the sun and sea, you should head to the southern regions of Cairns. You will come up close with the breathtaking Whitsundays area on a day trip. You may also consider stopping at Townsville for some adventure too.

The Whitsundays is a famous access point for road trips to the renowned Great Barrier Reef, a heritage-listed site and the world’s largest Coral Reef. This popular site is about 2,300 km long and hosts a wide variety of marine life. Here, you can take a boat trip, snorkel, dive, and learn more about underwater life.

Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree Rainforest is a fascinating natural wonder of the tropical rainforest in Australia. This attraction spot is situated a few hours from the city of Cairns. You can walk on foot or take a guided tour to the Daintree Rainforest and enjoy the natural beauty and birdwatching all day long.

Atherton Tablelands

Your campervan holiday can also lead to Atherton Tablelands, where you will enjoy the experience of self-catering rather than spending on expensive restaurants every night. Popularly known as the food bowl of Northern Queensland, this destination is located 80 km away from Cairns. A cruise across Atherton Tablelands in your motorhome rental means you can make as many stops as possible at the specialty farm cafes and shops.

Palm Cove Holiday Park

If you’re looking for a place to park your campervan safely and set up a camp, head to Palm Cove Holiday Park. Situated in just a 30 minutes drive from Cairns, the park is peaceful, comfortable, offers many great activities, and well-equipped and campervan-friendly.

Port Douglas

Port Douglas town is found in the Coral Sea in the north of Queensland. It offers a more natural environment and is famous for its beautiful beach resorts and natural experiences.

Campervan Operators in Cairns

At Australian Backpackers, we partner with the top campervan operators in Australia to provide a quality selection of motorhomes and campervans for hire from Cairns. Our goal is to provide the best campervans for hire in Cairns to enable travellers to get the most value for their money.

Therefore, you can search and compare vehicle rentals across Cairns with all major operators. This will allow you to find a recreational vehicle that fits your specifications and adventure needs.

We work with Australia’s leading vehicle rental companies, including Jucy Campers, Let’s Go Motorhome, Apollo Camper, Awesome Campers, Cheapa Campa, Mighty Camper, Britz, Cruisin Motorhomes, Camperman, Star RV, Travellers, and Spaceships Rentals. The vehicle depot is conveniently located near Cairns airport for convenient pickup and drop off.

These operators offer a diverse range of vehicles that accommodate the needs of a modern traveller. They feature classic designs with comfortable beds, spacious living space, entertainment area, and other elements that can enhance your cruising experience. Ultimately, there is an option for everyone, whether you need a simple vehicle with a few features or a sophisticated, luxurious motorhome.

FAQs for Renting a Campervan in Cairns

Rates for campervan hire in Cairns vary depending on the vehicle type, booking duration, and travel time. The price can start from $30.00 to $350.00 a day.

Not really. It is advisable to park your vehicle at designated areas such as camping parks and camping grounds.

You need a valid driver’s licence, fully translated into English.

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