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Right now is the best time to visit South Australia, and the best way to travel is with a motorhome rental or campervan hire from Adelaide. Different times of the year will get you unique experiences with festivals, campgrounds, weather and the wildlife on offer. Spring, Summer and through to the Autumn will give you great weather as the area does not have a wet season so if you’re rain or cold averse, avoid the winter, however, the SA winter weather tends to be relatively mild – between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius, depending on where you end up in this great state. 

Exploring South Australia

From the state capital you can start your campervan or motorhome adventure and bed down wherever you like! Check out Adelaide Central Market, Adelaide Zoo, or the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Go further afield and expand your camping experience to the Barossa Valley, Flinders Ranges, or head up the Birdsville Track to hit the iconic Birdsville Hotel.
With over 350 incredible national parks across SA you can get a view of the unique wildlife and breathtaking views across the most beautiful state in Australia. Flinders Chase NP is a team favourite if you’re after a short break on Kangaroo Island which includes a bonus journey on the Ferry from Cape Jervis!
If you want to enjoy swimming, barbeque, or an open place to play and relax, the Adelaide shores and the Eyre Peninsula are great places to visit.

Whatever type of camper-venturer you are, South Australia has you covered!

Operators in Adelaide, South Australia

Taking the whole family out for a holiday or just getting together with your best mates for a road trip across the nullarbor, we have the perfect camper for you. Everything you need with the broadest range of campervans and motorhomes for hire you can find in one place. We work with renowned vehicle operators in Adelaide to meet your travel style and demands. Some of the partners we work with are Awesome Campers, Apollo Camper, Britz, Mighty Camper, Let’s Go Melbourne, Jucy Campers, Cheapa Campa, and Star RV.

Why choose Australian Backpackers for campervan and motorohome rental in Australia? 

Campervan Hire in Adelaide FAQS

You can only park your campervan or motorhome in a designated area for overnight parking, national parks, and campgrounds.

Pick up is available all year round with the ideal time to visit our Adelaide branch anytime from Spring through Autumn.

You can book a campervan or motorhome as late as the day before you travel. However, it is advisable to book early to get what you want and take advantage of cheaper rates.

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