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Campervan Hire Gold Coast

Campervan Hire Gold Coast

Gold Coast is regarded as Australia’s holiday capital. The best way to explore this incredible tourist destination is by campervan or motorhome. Motorhome rental and campervan hire on the Gold Coast is made easier and more convenient by Australian Backpackers.  

Located in extreme Southeastern Queensland, this coastal city is home to an amazing range of attractions, surf breaks, glittering beaches, family-friendly theme parks, thrilling adventures, vibrant nightlife, and shopping events. The fun, beauty, and unrivalled energy of the Gold Coast make the city irresistible. Whether you are an adventure lover or enjoy the beach life, the Gold Coast awaits you.

Things to See & Experience in & Around the Gold Coast

Gold Coast offers a plethora of campervan camping activities to choose from. You can opt to visit theme parks, art galleries, lively markets, snorkel with marine life, get your adrenaline pumping, or catch some live music at the live music venues. Alternatively, you can connect with Mother Nature on one of the multiple hiking trails.

If you enjoy beach life, head to Surfers Paradise Beach, one of the most popular beach hotspots in the city. The bustling beach is busy throughout the day, with cyclists, walkers, and skateboarders enjoying the beachfront boulevard.

Surfers Paradise Beach also offers the best sunbathing experience for beach lovers. The beachside shopping, bars, clubs, and dining consistently complete your holiday experience, providing a compact destination package.

If you need to experience the liveliness of the Gold Coast, plan a road trip getaway to some of the best trip destinations in Australia, including Byron Bay, South Stradbroke Island, and Gold Coast Hinterland. You can also visit the Lamington National Park, an ancient forest rich in wildlife.

Gold Coast Weather

Gold Coast enjoys a sub-tropical climate with an average of 300 sunny days in a year. Unlike the majority of the destinations that experience spikes of hot and cold seasons around the year, the Gold Coast’s weather trends are consistent.

The best time to plan your trip to the Gold Coast is during spring, autumn, and summer. This provides comfortable weather ideal for beach activities, adventure tours, and boat tours.

Campervan Trip in Gold Coast

Planning a trip with a campervan or motorhome hire from the Gold Coast is a top choice for travellers. It’s an easy way to see the sights, from the sunny beaches up at the Sunshine Coast to the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. With a van, you’ve got your ride and sleep spot all in one, perfect for stopping at caravan parks or beach spots along the way. If you’re heading out from the Gold Coast, you can travel up or down the coast, hitting all the best spots Queensland has to offer. When you rent a campervan, you will have 24 hours roadside assistance with the rental of your campervan. So why wait? Grab a van and start your adventure!

A Simple Search & Book System

With endless campervan possibilities, Australian Backpackers enables you to quickly search and compare campervan prices and features to ensure you make the most satisfying decision. Furthermore, our platform allows you to filter the search by vehicle type, operator, pricing, dates, and vehicle availability.

Our platform is designed with easy-to-use features to make it easier to select the right vehicle that suits your style and needs. In addition, our knowledgeable team is available 24 hours a day to address your concerns and provide the needed assistance.

Campervan Operators on Gold Coast

Australian Backpackers works with various reputable campervan operators to provide the best holiday travel experience. These campervans feature modern designs, offering complete entertainment, spacious living area, luxury décor, comfortable beds, and everything else you need to make the drive smooth and enjoyable.
We partner with some of the Gold Coast’s leading campervan companies, including Camperman and Juicy Campers.

Why Choose Australian Backpackers for Campervan & Motorhome Rental on the Gold Coast?

FAQs About Campervan Hire Gold Coast

Depending on the type of campervan you hire and travel time, the price can range from $30.00 to $350.00 per day. There are also several insurance options to reduce your liability.

Low top (sleepers) and campervans (hitop).

Gold Coast’s road rules and regulations apply. It’s advisable to park your recreational vehicle in a designated area that permits overnight parking, like campsites and national parks.

Hire a Campervan or Motorhome on the Gold Coast Today

Start searching today and book the perfect campervan or motorhome for your Gold Coast adventure. Also, feel free to contact our customer care representatives if you need any assistance.