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Campervan Hire Christchurch

Campervan Hire Christchurch

Introduction to Christchurch: The Gateway to the South Island

Christchurch, affectionately known as the Garden City, stands as a beacon of regeneration and creativity. Following significant rebuilding after the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, this resilient city offers a unique blend of historic charm and contemporary innovation. With Australian Backpackers, you can access top-notch motorhome and campervan hire services, ensuring you explore Christchurch and its surrounding landscapes comfortably and conveniently.

Positioned on the edge of the Canterbury Plains and flanked by hills and the Pacific Ocean, Christchurch serves as an ideal starting point for trips throughout the South Island, including journeys to the Southern Alps or the picturesque town of Akaroa. Whether you’re interested in its vibrant street art, serene parks, or dynamic dining scene, hiring a campervan is a fantastic way to experience all that Christchurch has to offer.

What to See & Experience in & Around Christchurch

Urban and Cultural Attractions
Explore the city’s rich heritage by visiting the Canterbury Museum and wandering through the historic Botanic Gardens. Christchurch is also known for its street art that adorns many buildings, providing a colourful contrast to the urban landscape.

Adventure and Nature
Drive your campervan to the nearby Port Hills for stunning views of the city and the ocean, or venture further afield to the Banks Peninsula for a day of hiking and marine activities. The region is also a gateway to the Southern Alps for those looking to explore higher altitudes.

Coastal and Inland Drives
Christchurch’s location makes it perfect for diverse driving routes. Head east to the charming French-settled town of Akaroa, where you can relax in the tranquil bays and encounter the rare Hector’s dolphins. Alternatively, the journey inland through the patchwork fields of the Canterbury Plains reveals the pastoral beauty of the South Island.

Christchurch Weather: Optimal Travel Times
Christchurch experiences a temperate climate with warm, dry summers and cold, frosty winters. The best travel times are during spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May), offering mild weather and the beautiful bloom of flowers and fall foliage, ideal for outdoor activities and exploration.

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Campervan Hire in Christchurch FAQS

We recommend booking your campervan well in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons like summer and early autumn, to enjoy the best rates and availability.

You can drive in New Zealand with a valid driving licence from your home country, provided it’s in English or accompanied by a certified translation.

While exploring Christchurch, use designated campervan parks for overnight stays. These areas offer safe and equipped locations to rest and recharge.

Discover the freedom and flexibility of exploring Christchurch and the stunning South Island at your own pace. Start planning your journey today for an experience filled with discovery and adventure!

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