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Campervan Rules in Australia

August 5, 2022

Travelling around Australia in a campervan is a lot of fun. A campervan tour gives you an opportunity to taste true freedom and enjoy a practical, convenient, and all-in-one vehicle. However, there are a few campervan rules you need to know if you’re planning on renting a campervan or motorhome in Australia.

Getting on the Road

There are various rules and laws regarding free camping in Australia, depending on which state you’re visiting. But before you hit the road, it’s important to ensure you choose the right campervan if you’re planning on spending the night in your vehicle. If you’re looking for the perfect recreational vehicle, search and book your campervan to explore Australia’s most beautiful camping destinations.

Familiarise Yourself with Australia’s Road Code Rules

Some fundamental road rules when driving in Australia entail:

  • Learning and reading traffic signals, give way signs, and stop signs at major intersections.
  • Learn where your car needs to be on the road when driving and who has the right of way.
  • Observe the basic road code for following and passing vehicles.

Driving Licence Rules

You must have a valid licence to travel in Australia. But if you’re a tourist with a foreign driving licence, ensure it is current and appropriate for a full-size campervan. Your foreign licence should also be accompanied by an International Driving Permit and translated into English.

Fundamental Campervan Driving Rules

  • While driving, you shouldn’t drive faster than the speed limit signs permit, and remember to slow down in the rain.
  • You shouldn’t drink and drive. The blood alcohol content allowed for experienced drivers is below 0.05, while provisional drivers are expected to have zero blood alcohol content.
  • While on Australian roads, you’re required to overtake to the right. But avoid overtaking on blind spots, corners, or double white lines. Be extra cautious when overtaking large trucks, especially in wet weather, since wind turbulence and other road barriers may cause a reduction in visibility.
  • You are also advised to stop at rest areas every two hours to prevent chances of fatigue-related accidents.

Where to freedom Camp in Australia?

Australia has unlimited RV-friendly towns and destinations where it’s allowed to free camp. However, some areas are restricted and can attract huge fines if you’re found camping overnight. Thus, researching ahead of your trip is always a good idea to avoid unnecessary fines.

Generally, public places in remote areas like caravan parks and national parks permit free camping but avoid overnight parking in public spaces in suburban areas as most local councils impose bylaws limiting free camping.

Subsequently, some camping sites have time restrictions, generally 24 hours, while others allow you to stay overnight but not set up a camp. Remember to carry enough water supply when free camping as you may not find any at your camping area.

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