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Can You Park a Campervan or Motorhome Anywhere in Australia

July 15, 2022

Campervan or motorhome hire is the best way to travel around Australia. However, if you’re visiting the country for the first time, you may wonder if you can park your campervan or motorhome anywhere in Australia. Generally, you cannot park a recreational vehicle anywhere in Australia. Parking laws and regulations apply so that you can park only in legally permitted areas.

Australia offers plenty of natural beauty and endless opportunities for camping. The local authorities are generous to those who are into outdoor adventures. In fact, 1 out of 13 households registered a campervan, motorhome, or other RVs in 2019, according to the Campervan Industry Association of Australia.

Where Can I Park My Campervan in Australia?

With the increasing number of camping vehicles in Australia, local governments seek to regulate RV operations. Thus, the most restrictions concern overnight campervan parking. Here are some of the permitted parking areas in Australia.

  • National Parks

National parks are part of the designated places where you can park your campervan in Australia. You can pay some fees to stay overnight in any of Australia’s public parks. Australia boasts a variety of park options, allowing you to enjoy any camping experience you wish, whether you’re interested in shared compounds or private spots with minimal amenities.

  • Roadside Campervan Camping

Campervan travellers can park their vehicles alongside residential streets like other vehicles. But most places won’t allow a campervan or motorhome to park on the side of the road overnight. Instead, you’re required to move to a designated hour lest you face fines. Local councils or tourist centres will provide information regarding that information.

  • Beach Side Location

Australian beaches are an excellent attraction for swimming, surfing, and fishing, and it’s only natural that you will discover RVs dotting most beach locations. Like roadside campervan parking, beachside campsites don’t permit overnight parking, and you may encounter local authorities if you stay overnight.

  • Private Parks for RV

With the growing numbers of campervans in Australia, many privately owned vacation parks and campervan sites now welcome campers with vehicles. It’s worth noting that private parks are generally more expensive than public parks. However, they are well equipped with modern technologies to keep you as comfortable as possible on your trip, making it suitable for travellers who prefer a little luxury during their camping vacation.

  • Rest Areas

Although rest stops are unsuitable for camping, they are great parking spots for campervans and motorhomes. Rest areas allow overnight parking and offer essentials such as showers and toilets.

Can You Stop and Sleep Anywhere in Australia with a Campervan?

Under Australian law, it’s illegal to stop and sleep anywhere in Australia, even with your recreational vehicle. Unless you’re in RV-friendly towns, spending the night anywhere can attract a ban in parking lots and a steep fine in big cities.

Where Can I Park My Campervan in Sydney?

For free camping in Sydney, consider Alexandria for urban spots or back streets near Maroubra Beach, ensuring you adhere to local parking laws. Alternatively, organised caravan park options like Lane Cove River Tourist Park near Sydney Harbour and Cockatoo Island offer amenities and secure parking, blending convenience with the beauty of Sydney’s natural surroundings​.

Hire a Campervan or Motorhome with Australian Backpackers

While you cannot park anywhere in Australia with your motorhome or campervan, many viable options are still available to suit your unique needs. Let the Australian Backpackers experts help you search for and book your perfect campervan and motorhome.

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