Do you need a special license to hire a motorhome or campervan in Australia?

Do you need a special license to hire a motorhome or campervan in Australia?

Campervan and motorhome hire in Australia provides the flexibility for an adventurous holiday . With a motorhome or campervan, you can travel at your own pace and not have to worry about finding accommodations. This level of freedom is one of the reasons why motorhome travel has long been popular in Australia.

A common question from people considering motorhome and campervan hire in Australia for the first time is “do I need a special license?” This article explains the requirements for motorhome and campervan rentals in Australia.

What Is the Difference Between Campervan and Motorhome Hire?

People sometimes use the terms campervan and motorhome interchangeably. However, there are some significant differences. For example, a campervan has no shower or toilet, so you will need to use outside facilities. Campervans come in different sizes, but the largest can typically accommodate up to four people.

Motorhomes are larger than campervans. They can hold up to six people comfortably. Also, motorhomes have a shower and toilet, so they provide an added layer of convenience.

Motorhome Classes

Motorhomes come have different sizes (or classes). People who are interested in motorhome or campervan rental in Australia should know that regardless of the class, you do not need a special license. A standard driver's license is all you need to legally operate a motorhome.

Class A Motorhomes Offer Large Capacity and Luxury Features

A Class A motorhome is the largest, most luxurious recreational vehicle available. They can sleep up to six people, and they have a shower and toilet. It is easy to stand up inside a Class A motorhome. Their large capacity makes Class A motorhomes a good pick for families and groups.

Class B Motorhomes Includes a Broad Range of Options

A Class B motorhome, or campervan, is smaller and can hold up to four people comfortably. Many feature either a high roof or pop-top to provide enough space to stand while inside.

There are variations among Class B models. Most have a kitchen and sleeping quarters, but toilet and showers are only available in larger models.  

Class C Motorhomes Are Sleeper Vans

The Class C motorhome is a sleeper van. These campervans offer a bed and basic amenities. However, unlike Class B models, you are unable to stand up straight in a Class C model.

Class C vehicles have pull-out seating areas and cooking spaces outside of the vehicle, either at the back or on the side.

Since you do not need a special license to drive a motorhome in Australia, your only consideration is selecting the class that best fits your needs.

Why Is Motorhome and Campervan Hire in Australia Popular?

Motorhome and campervan hire is popular in Australia because it provides advantages that are not available if you choose other modes of travel.

• You do not need a special license to operate a motorhome or campervan. You can simply explore Australia at your own pace with your regular driver's license.

• Since all motorhomes and campervans have sleeping spaces, you do not need to book hotels.

• You do not need an itinerary. Since you are taking your accommodations with you, you can travel wherever you want without extensive planning beforehand.

• A motorhome or campervan is a private way to travel. You do not need to use public modes of transportation, such as trains, buses, or planes. Also, you only have to have contact with the other people who are traveling with you.

• You can bring your own food. Since motorhomes and campervans have cooking equipment, you can self-cater during your travels.

Other modes of travel cannot match the freedom, convenience, and privacy offered by a campervan or motorhome.

How Easy Is Motorhome and Campervan Hire in Australia?

The rules about who can hire and drive a campervan vary between rental companies.

Most have a minimum age of 21 although some have a lower limit of 18. While you don’t need a special license for campervan hire in Australia, there are some restrictions that apply. Local residents with a regular drivers license can rent and drive a campervan. However, most companies require visitors from other countries to have a full driver’s license from their home country written in English. If an international driver’s license isn’t an option, the company might accept a Certificate of Translation. Some companies will not allow drivers with provisional licenses to hire a campervan or motorhome.

Campervans come in 2 and 4 wheel drive models. If you’re hiring a 2 wheel drive model, you probably can’t take it on unsealed roads. Some companies will permit you to drive on these roads for certain distances, usually for the purpose of reaching a certain destination. Check with the company about your plans before you book your rental.

Tips for Campervan and Motorhome Rental in Australia

Here are some things to consider when you are seeking a company for a campervan or motorhome hire in Australia.

• Know what you want before you book your rental. Consider which luxuries are a must-have and those that don’t fit into your budget. Get a quote based on your specific needs.

• Make sure the company does a walk-through when you pick the campervan up. Check to make sure there isn’t any visible damage and that everything works.

• Locate campervan-friendly towns, free camping sites, and other potential parking spaces along the way. Know your options so you don’t get stuck with no place to stay.

• Ask about the procedure to follow in case you break down or if you decide to keep the motorhome longer than your rental agreement. It probably won’t happen, but it’s better to know ahead of time in case it does.

More and more people are opting to spend their holiday time closer to home instead of travelling internationally. For many, campervan hire in Australia offers solutions that require no special license or skills. Get a quote and join the long list of Aussies who are enjoying the freedom and versatility of seeing more of their state on their own terms.

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