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Guide to the Climate in Australia

June 1, 2022

Enjoy touring your campervan or motorhome in Darwin’s 30 degree winter or drive your camper to the snowy mountains in NSW. Australia is vast and depending on where you are you will experience a different Australia across the eight states and territories.

Don’t forget Australia is on the Southern Hemisphere, which means that summer and winter is opposite from the Northern Hemisphere.

The Australian ‘Alps’ in Victoria and the Tasmanian mountains have a mountain climate and the highest peaks are usually covered by snow all year-round.


Hot summers and cool winters, NSW has a subtropical climate. NSW offers plenty to do no matter what time of the year you travel with the coast offering the warmer places and then there are the mountains where you can experience the snow.


The ideal time to visit and experience the glory of NSW. Temperatures generally site between 26 – 30 Degrees Celsius. Enjoy the beaches and the atmosphere NSW has to offer.


The perfect time to explore, hike and wander the vast beauty of NSW, take your campervan or motorhome around the coastline or up through the mountains and enjoy the beauty. Autumn offers a nice temperature for you to get out and explore whilst getting them days you can still enjoy the beach.


Not a European winter, but it does get cold. A great time if you like camping with a campfire or taking your campervan or motorhome up to the snowy mountains or travelling to the Hunter Valley and enjoying some wine. It is a great time to campervan up to Port Stephens and spot humpback whales.


The temperature if great, warm and sunny days for you to travel the state in your campervan or motorhome. As you drive watch the flowers bloom and greenery come alive. Spring is perfect to experience all of what NSW has to offer.


A ranging climate, VIC offers a cool to hot summer and cool winters. With VIC being approximately the same size of the United Kingdom, it offers plenty to do and for you to explore your campervan or motorhome any time of the year.


A hot and dry time to visit VIC but you do get a cool breeze to offset. Perfect time to visit for beach lovers and those who love summer activities and definitely the perfect time to hit the Great Ocean Road in your campervan or motorhome.


Experience the beautiful Autumn foliage while you hike and explore the vast array that VIC has to offer. Experience the Yarra Valley or go to the Grampian and get on those trails. Autumn brings out the best in VIC.


A photographer’s dream, winter in VIC is beautiful. Enjoy the Great Ocean Road and capture the drama of the ocean crashing in. A perfect time for those who love to warm up around the campfire and experience VIC when it is least busy.
Spring (Sep- Nov): When VIC comes alive! The lush landscape blooms and the National Parks are amazing. If you love to explore and get out of your campervan then this is the time to travel.


The Sunshine State! Subtropical temperatures that give your cool but sunny winters. A place you can visit any time of the year and always have a good time.


A scorcher! Humid and hot with the tropical storm at play. You will pinch yourself that you are actually in Australia. If you love the beach and anything to do with water it is the perfect time to visit. Enjoy the them parks and travel the coast to Cairns and bask in the beautiful shores QLD has to offer.


The perfect and ideal time to explore QLD. Temperatures reach 25 Degrees Celsius providing the perfect environment to hop out of your campervan or motorhome and explore by foot. Travel the cities and country side and experiences that QLD has to offer.


Winters in Queensland you can call mild – if anything it’s a nice escape from the summers heat! The northern parts of Queensland stay warm pretty much year round and are a popular destination for holiday makers when it’s cold in the Southern states like NSW and Victoria. The best time of year to visit the top end of Queensland.


Really you can call this a pre-summer. With a summer-like climate in the majority of the state (again, the further north the higher the temperature) a popular time for travelers to visit highlights like Fraser Island and the Whitsunday’s.


The territory has two climate zones. In the Northern part (including Darwin) – a tropical savannah climate (high humidity and wet season (Nov-Apr) and dry season (May-Oct). In dry season it is warm and sunny nearly every day but in contrast to wet season there can be tropical cyclones and monsoon rains. The Central region is arid/semi-arid, with very hot summers and relatively cool winters.

Highest temperature – January 1960 = 48.3 degrees Celsius (Finke)
Lowest temperature – July 1976 = -7.5 degrees Celsius (Alice Springs)


Most of the state has an arid/semi-arid climate.
The couther coastal parts have a Mediterranean climate (mild wet winters and hot dry summers).
Highest temperature – January 1960 = 50.7 degrees Celsius (Oodnadatta)
Lowest temperature – July 1976 = -8 degrees Celsius (Yongala)


This state has a climate with four seasons.
Highest temperature – January 2009 = 42.2 degrees Celsius (Scamander)

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