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How Much Is It to Hire a Motorhome in Australia?

June 6, 2022

Hiring a motorhome or campervan in Australia is a convenient option for a travel adventure. This livable vehicle makes it possible to enjoy your trip without having to book accommodations. You can travel at your own pace and stop wherever you wish.

You will undoubtedly enjoy the freedom and flexibility when you travel by motorhome or campervan. However, you may wonder if this mode of transport is cost-effective.

There are different factors involved in calculating the overall price of having an adventure in a motorhome in Australia. You need to understand these aspects before deciding if hiring one of these vehicles is a good option for your particular plans. Here is what you need to know about what affects the pricing of campervans and motorhomes in Australia.


Motorhomes and campervans come in different shapes and sizes. Both have beds and basic amenities for overnight sleeping. However, motorhomes are typically larger than campervans. One of the main differences is that campervans lack a shower and toilet. Because they are larger, motorhomes have space and plumbing for these facilities.

The other major difference is price. Campervans are typically cheaper to rent. You will need to pay extra to get indoor plumbing and extra space for a motorhome. The key to choosing the right motorhome or campervan is figuring out which features you need to fully enjoy your travel adventure.

What Size and Features Do You Need?

The first step in figuring out the cost of a campervan hire or motorhome in Australia is to decide what features you need. You can answer these questions to figure this out:

  • How many people are there? Smaller campervans can hold 2-3, while motorhomes can accommodate between 2-6 people, depending on their size. Some vehicles have a single bed, while others have additional sofas that convert into sleeping areas. In all, these vehicles can have up to three double beds.
  • Do you need a bathroom and shower? A vehicle with its own facilities can be more convenient. You will need to find public bathrooms if you opt for a smaller vehicle, and you may be limited if travelling remotely.
  • Do you need a kitchen? Every motorhome and campervan has a food preparation area. Larger units can have refrigeration, a gas or electric cooker, and a sink. They can also have a permanent or retractable table for dining inside. Smaller vans often have installations that allow you to cook outside from the boot. The dining table is outside for these vehicles as well.
  • How much time will you spend inside? A motorhome can (as the name suggests) serve as a home. It can be a place where you spend time in the evening, work, eat, play games with family members, or relax after a day on the road. Getting a larger, feature-rich model can be worthwhile if you want this home-away-from-home experience as you travel by motorhome in Australia. However, a smaller model with modest features may provide better overall value on an outdoor-oriented adventure.

Once you define your needs, you can get a better idea about the price.


The cost of a motorhome or campervan rental depends on demand. Each company sets its own prices and promotions, so you can find a good deal at any time of year. However, the prices for hiring a motorhome in Australia will be higher during peak times, such as holidays or when school is not in session.

Time of year and type of motorhome or campervan is the main factors in determining the price for your rental. Rates can be as low as $20 for a two-person campervan and $200 for a six-person motorhome. If you visit a motorhome or campervan hire company during a peak time, such as over the holidays, the prices can reach up to $600.

Costs can also vary by location. Larger cities have more competition, so companies will typically offer more competitive pricing. A motorhome hire service will often offer a better price than a rural area.

Also, motorhome rental companies often offer discounts to people who rent long-term. You can enquire about weekly or monthly rates to see if there are discounts available.


The initial price to hire a motorhome or campervan in Australia will be your highest cost. However, there are other expenses to consider. Some of these costs vary from service to service.

  • Some motorhome and campervan hire companies charge a booking fee, which is usually a percentage of the overall price.
  • Some companies will charge a service fee if they provide supplies, such as gas canisters, water, or cleaning liquids. Others will ask you to pay a cleaning fee to apply after you return the vehicle.
  • You will need to purchase insurance to cover the motorhome or campervan while it is in your care. A standard insurance policy can offer up to $8,000 in coverage.
  • Fuel costs will add to the expense of the trip. Prices vary depending on the market and your location. You can use an online tool to find the average cost in your current location.
  • You can spend a night at a motorhome park, which usually offers both powered and non-powered sites. However, it is free to use campsites inside of national parks, so it is possible to avoid camping fees.


Renting a motorhome in Australia can provide excellent value compared to booking accommodations, paying for airfares, and hiring a car. Even so, there are strategies for finding lower prices or taking advantage of promotions.

The first step is to try to book your motorhome early. This option can be effective if you travel during peak times. Demand will likely rise as the holiday approaches, so booking early will get you the best price. High demand also means companies will not offer any last-minute promotions for late bookers.

However, during the low season, you may be able to find a last-minute deal as companies try to earn at least some profit by keeping their vehicles on the road instead of idle.

Finally, look at the different models available for hire. Sometimes a company will offer older models for lower daily rates. These vehicles may not have the latest features, but they are functionally the same as new models and have all the basic amenities that you could need.

If you can plan ahead, account for extra costs, and get a vehicle that meets your needs without exceeding them, you can find great value when hiring a motorhome.

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