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Top 10 tourist attractions in the Gold Coast

June 10, 2022

The Gold Coast combines beaches and surf with nature, culture, and adventure. The diversity of Gold Coast attractions makes it an excellent option for an East Coast holiday.

A motorhome or campervan will give you the maximum amount of flexibility to explore all the Gold Coast attractions that you desire without having to worry about the location of your hotel or check-out times.

Furthermore, these vehicles will allow you to bring your surfboard, kayak, or bicycles with you when you travel. Australia backpackers, families, and couples can take advantage of the flexibility and cargo-carrying capabilities of motorhomes and campervans to get the most out of their Gold Coast adventure.

Here is a closer look at the top 10 Gold Coast attractions to put on the itinerary for your next motorhome or campervan holiday.


Dreamworld is one of the most visited places in Australia and the most well-known of all Gold Coast attractions. This theme park boasts a full menu of rides, wildlife, and plenty of food and shopping outlets. Thanks to this range of attractions, Dreamworld is the perfect addition to the itinerary for families or anyone enthusiastic about theme parks. The park opens at 10 a.m. on weekends and 10:30 a.m. during the week.


You cannot list all the Gold Coast attractions without mentioning beaches. Here are the highlights. Surfers Paradise is, as its name suggests, excellent for surfing, whether you are a spectator or want to hit the waves yourself. Also, it has a lively beach scene. If you prefer a more relaxed feel, you can visit Rainbow Bay Beach. Finally, you can take your motorhome or campervan to the Broadbeach area if you want an urban oceanside experience. Luxury hotels, boutiques, and restaurants line the sand here.


Wet ‘n Wild is one of the largest water parks in Australia. It boasts pools, waterslides for both adults and kids, and whitewater rafting. This is an excellent attraction for families and anyone seeking a little bit of adrenaline. Warner Bros Movie World sits right next door to Wet ‘n Wild, so you can spend a whole day (or two) enjoying two of the best amusement parks in the Gold Coast area.


SeaWorld has both themed rides and aquatic animal exhibits. You can get up close with dolphins, sharks, penguins, polar bears, and sea lions. SeaWorld is a themed attraction, but it has a mission, as well. The organization seeks to educate visitors about marine life and rescue animals and rehabilitate them so that they can return to the wild. SeaWorld is a year-round attraction, but it is best to visit during the warmer months.


Tamborine Mountain is only a 40-minute drive from the city. If you are in a motorhome or campervan, this is a worthwhile day trip. The mountain has rainforest nature trails, and you can camp nearby in your motorhome or in a tent. Tamborine Mountain is a natural attraction, but it also has some interesting shopping, including antiques and handmade crafts. The local communities also boast wineries, galleries, and tearooms.


If you are looking for Gold Coast attractions that focus on nature, you can start in this 27-hectare rainforest. The wildlife sanctuary boasts a schedule of animal feedings, wildlife encounters, and informational sessions. The venue is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, and it is not far from Currumbin Beach, so you can combine nature with a bit of sun and sand.


If you want to enjoy a little retail therapy, you can head to suburban Bigera Waters to visit the Harbour Town Premium Outlets. If you want to take advantage of the cooking facilities in your motorhome or campervan, you can also stock up on food here. And, if you’d rather take a break from the kitchen, there are plenty of restaurants, as well.


This park is a working research facility named after David Fleay, who worked with endangered species in Australia. The park sits on 100 acres of land and seeks to breed these endangered animals to avoid extinction and increase wild populations. Visitors can see endangered animals in their natural habitats. If you would like to support or learn more about this mission, this site is certainly worth a visit. Admission is only $10.


Miami Marketta is the place to visit for cuisines from all over the world. If you have never tasted food from Thailand, China, or South Africa, this is the place to go. At night, the area comes to life with clubs, restaurants, and live music. If you would like to take a break from self-catering in your motorhome or campervan, this area is certainly worth a visit.


Skypoint is a beach-front observation deck located in one of the highest residential buildings in Australia, the Q1 Building. This tower is located in the center of the city, so it is excellent for panoramic views. Q1 also houses several restaurants. If you are a thrill-seeker, you can even take a 40-meter “skywalk” at the very top. One-day tickets for the public are $17.


Gold Coast attractions start with the famous beaches and surf, but there is a vast array of other options. If you want to have a full experience and explore beyond the first pages of your tourist and backpackers Australia travel guide, hiring a motorhome or campervan is your best option.

Not only will this rental provide you with a comfortable place to sleep and cook, but it will allow you to carry all the necessary equipment you need for your Gold Coast adventures. Also, there are motorhome and campervan parks around the Gold Coast where you can spend the night. You can start looking for Gold Coast campervan rentals that meet your needs for size and amenities right now on our website.

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