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What Is the Best Way to Travel Around Australia

August 25, 2022

Travelling around Australia means taking in some of the world’s most varied and beautiful scenery. It also means experiencing the country’s wide range of cultures. As such, it’s important to choose a mode of transport that will allow you to make the most of your trip.

While flying and public transportation can be convenient, they can also be expensive and restrictive. The best way to see Australia is by renting a campervan or motorhome and hitting the open road.

Why Renting a Campervan or Motorhome is the Best Way to Travel Australia

It Gives You the Flexibility to Explore at Your Own Pace

When you fly or use public transportation, you are at the mercy of timetables and schedules. Sure, you can plan your itinerary around these things to some extent and even push yourself to make the most of a short time frame, but you’ll always feel rushed.

With your own set of wheels, however, you have the flexibility to explore at your own pace. You can make spontaneous detours, choose to linger in one place for a while, or change your plans on a whim if you find something that catches your interest.

No Worries About Luggage Restrictions

As any experienced traveller will tell you, one of the biggest hassles of flying or public transportation is dealing with luggage restrictions. Whether it’s a limit on the number of bags or the weight of each bag, these restrictions can add a lot of stress to your trip.

However, if you rent a campervan or motorhome for your trip around Australia, you can forget about all those worries. You can pack as much as you want and never have to worry about excess baggage fees. Plus, you’ll have plenty of room to store all your souvenirs.

It Saves Money

Another great advantage of travelling around Australia in a campervan or motorhome is that it can save you money. With a campervan, you have your own transportation and accommodation, so you don’t need to worry about finding a place to stay or renting a car. This can be a much cheaper option than booking hotel rooms and renting cars for your entire trip.

In addition, campervans often come equipped with kitchens, so you can save money by cooking your own meals instead of eating out every day. There are also free camping areas dotted around the country where you can park your van overnight, which can further reduce your accommodation costs.

It Allows You to Get off the Beaten Path

No restrictions mean you can easily get off the beaten path and explore hidden gems in this beautiful country.

Are you planning a road trip around Australia? If so, consider renting a motorhome or campervan from Australian Backpackers! Whether you’re planning a road trip along the east coast or west coast or looking to explore the major cities, we can set you up with the perfect campervan or motorhome.

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