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Campervan Hire Alice Springs

Campervan hire is the best way to see Australia!

The magic of renting a campervan or motorhome lies in the ability to pack up your life into a vehicle and hit the road whenever you feel like exploring. Australian Backpackers Campervan Hire offers some fantastic deals on campervans and motorhomes for your Alice Springs Road trip.

Alice Springs is a significant inland community in the Northern Territory that offers tourists a variety of experiences. Spend some time exploring Alice Springs Desert Park, which features indigenous plants and animals as well as other natural attractions or go on camelback tours around the park's natural sights.

Hire a Campervan in Alice Springs and head to Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve to see intriguing rock formations formed by minerals, clay, and erosion over thousands of years. The MacDonnell Ranges may be viewed from practically any angle in Alice Springs, and they are a frequently visited site. The ranges are ideal for trekkers since they offer beautiful pathways that wind through the canyon, traverse ridges, and go by waterholes.

Along the route there are plenty of stops where you may take a pause or photograph the area around you. Ayers Rock/Uluru is one of Australia's most well-known travel destinations. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world's largest monolith remaining from the beginning of time when erosion has taken everything but this amazing rock formation.

The Anzac Hill Lookout is a place to view the city and its surroundings and is one of Alice Springs' most photographed attractions. The area includes a memorial to honor those who have fought for Australia's freedom.

The Mbantua Gallery is a cultural center that helps to preserve Aboriginal art. The gallery features changing exhibitions of indigenous art and culture, and it also serves as a home to the Umbrella Art Centre.

The Castel Hotel is a local spot known for its delicious meals and warm service, but it can also be an educational place to walk through since there are relics from Alice Springs' early days displayed throughout this hotel.

Kings Creek Station is another attraction that offers fun activities. Guests can enjoy petting kangaroos, camel rides, or even walking with camels along the creek's edge!

Australian Backpackers Campervan Hire provides some fantastic deals on campervans and motorhomes for your Alice Springs Road trip.