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Jucy Rentals

Jucy is known for its compact and cutting-edge campervan rentals in Australia. It is among the most popular and independent brands in the country. Jucy Campers was established in 2001 and has succeeded immensely with a fleet of almost 3000 vehicles. With Jucy Campers, you can endure the heat of Northern Queensland or enjoy a beachy road trip in Byron Bay.

Jucy Campers Vehicle Types

Jucy Campers has an outstanding fleet of campervan rentals. Some of the Jucy Campers vehicle types:

Jucy Condo

The Jucy Condo is a spacious campervan that can accommodate up to 4 people. This is by far the largest campervan in the company’s Australian fleet. One bed below the roof while the other folds across the backseat space. Here are some of the critical features of the Jucy Condo rental include:

Besides, travellers can have 24-hour roadside assistance and unlimited kilometres.

Jucy Compass

The Jucy compass is a fully self-contained campervan, thanks to the portable kitchen and toilet. The campervan features a reversing camera, a fuel-efficient engine, power steering, and an air-conditioned driver’s cabin. One of the brilliant features you will love about the compass is convenience. Instead of worrying about setting up a tent at your camping destination, you can pop up the beds on the compass in less than a minute.

Jucy Crib

You might have come across the famous Jucy crib near travel hotspots because of its outstanding camper features and custom-built design. The fuel-efficient campervan features two bench seats, a portable gas cooker, and an 18-litre fridge. It is suitable for couples and solo campers.

Other Jucy vehicle types are Jucy Champ and Jucy Coaster.

Jucy Campers Locations

You can pick up your preferred campervan from Jucy Campers locations across Australia. Jucy campers have conveniently located branches in Adelaide, Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Brisbane.

Jucy Rentals FAQS

The average minimum duration to hire a campervan from Jucy Campers is five days. However, the minimum rental duration may increase during the peak season, depending on campervan availability. Requesting a quote on your specific dates to confirm the minimum hire duration is advisable.

  • Dinnerware and cutlery
  • Linen, duvet, and pillows
  • Roadside breakdown assistance
  • Tea towel and bath towels
  • Cleaning equipment

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