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Let’s Go Motorhome

As one of Australia’s top motorhome and campervan rental companies, Let’s Go Motorhome has recreational vehicles to suit all types of travellers for all forms of Australian adventures.

Let’s Go has been providing exceptional road experience for over 20 years. For the sake of travellers’ comfort and convenience, the company offers all-inclusive motorhomes complete with:

Let’s Go Motorhome Vehicle Types

Most of Let’s Go’s vehicles are manufactured by Jayco, Australia’s largest manufacturer of recreational vehicles. The most popular vehicle types offered include:

Locations in Australia

Let's Go Motorhome FAQS

Any authorised driver must be above 21 years of age with at least 12 months of driving experience.

Authorised drivers are required to have a standard, valid driver’s licence. Thus, the vehicle must not be driven if a traveller’s licence has been restricted or cancelled within two years of the date of the campervan rental agreement.

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