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Tips For Solo Van Travel In Australia

February 22, 2024

Embarking on a solo van travel adventure in Australia is an exhilarating experience that offers unparalleled freedom and the joy of the open road. While solo travel can come with its own set of challenges, it’s certainly not difficult with the right preparation and mindset. From the rugged coastlines of South Australia to the expansive Outback, travelling solo in a van provides a unique opportunity to explore at your own pace, meet fellow travellers, and discover yourself. Here are top tips for making your solo van travel in Australia a rewarding and safe experience.

Embrace the Journey

Plan But Stay Flexible

Travel planning is crucial, especially for a solo traveller. Have a rough itinerary with plenty of time for spontaneous adventures. Australia is vast, and there’s much to see and do. However, don’t overplan. Part of the van life charm is the ability to change your plans based on recommendations from fellow travellers or locals.

Stay Connected

Keep in touch with family and friends back home. Share your travel plans and check in regularly. Social media can be a great way to document your journey and keep a digital footprint of your travels. A power bank is essential to ensure your phone and other devices stay charged, especially in remote areas where power sources might be scarce.

Safety First

As a solo female traveller or any solo adventurer, safety should be a top priority. Always let someone know your plans, especially if heading into remote areas. Australia is generally safe, but it’s always a good idea to stay cautious and aware of your surroundings. Ensure your van is equipped with basic safety gear, including a first-aid kit, a flashlight, and a spare tyre.

Make Your Van a Home

Comfort is key when you’re living on the road. Invest in a good quality mattress, cooking gear, and storage solutions to keep your space organised. Personalise your van to make it feel like home; this can make a huge difference in how you enjoy your solo travel adventure.

Learn Basic Maintenance

Knowing how to perform basic van maintenance and repairs can save you in a pinch. Familiarise yourself with your vehicle’s manual and learn how to change a tyre, check the oil, and top up coolant levels. Always carry essential tools and spare parts.

Embrace the Solo Experience

Take Time for Yourself

Solo van travel offers plenty of time for self-reflection. Embrace the solitude and use the experience to learn more about yourself. Bring along books, journaling materials, or any hobby supplies that you can enjoy during downtime.

But Don’t Forget to Socialise

Van life can be surprisingly social. Campsites and popular tourist spots are great places to meet fellow travellers. Engage with the community, share stories, and you might just make lifelong friends. Attending local events or meetups can also enrich your travel experience.

Stay Open and Flexible

The beauty of solo travel is the ability to make decisions on the fly. If you hear about a must-see spot from fellow travellers or locals, don’t hesitate to explore it. Staying open to new experiences is at the heart of the adventure.

Prioritise Your Well-being

Travelling solo means you have to look after both your physical and mental health. Keep a balanced diet, stay hydrated, and exercise regularly. Mental health is equally important; don’t hesitate to take breaks or seek support if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

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Use Resources Wisely

Apps and guides can enhance your travel experience. Use apps for finding campsites, petrol stations, and emergency services. Guides can offer insights into local attractions, cultural etiquette, and must-visit spots.


Solo van travel in Australia is an immensely rewarding experience that offers freedom, adventure, and the opportunity to grow. By following these tips, you can ensure your journey is not just safe and comfortable but also a life-changing exploration of one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Remember, solo travel isn’t difficult—it’s an adventure that opens up a world of possibilities.

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