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Tropical Rainforest to Deserted Beaches

June 1, 2022

110 Kilometers north of Cairns (north east Queensland) there is a remote headland called Cape Tribulation.

Here you will be overwhelmed when walking through a dense tropical rainforest while the next moment you will be standing on a deserted beach with your feet in the water. This one of those must go places when you travel with a campervan or motorhome towards the Northern parts of Australia.

Cape Tribulation is where the oldest rainforest (Daintree) collides with the Great Barrier Reef.  The most popular time of the year to visit is between July and November (the dry season). During the wet season you might not want to find yourself in the water due to the present marine stingers and crocodiles. When is does say ‘do not enter the water’…do NOT enter the water (just saying…).

Popular activities to do here are 4WD tours, horse-riding, jungle surfing, snorkelling, kayaking, guided nightwalks and crocodile cruises. There are tours leaving Cairns and Port Douglas on a daily basis.


  • The Daintree rainforest is thought to be 165 million years old
  • It is home to at least 663 species of vertebrate animals, 230 butterfly species, 135 dung beetle species and 222 of land snails (who knew there would be that many land snails)
  • The giant bird that lives in the Daintree (and is endangered) is also called the Cassowary. You can recognise them by their blue neck
  • There are two plants you need to avoid while in the rainforest ‘The spiky ‘Wait-a-while vine’ and the itchy ‘Stinging tree’
  •  Did you know you can eat the ‘green lemon ants’ that are found in the open woodlands in Far North Queensland. They are believed to relieve colds, headaches and sore throats. Only do this under supervision :)!

You have the option to do one day tours, but you can also stay overnight in one of the beach houses/resorts/backpackers in Cape Tribulation.

In Far North Queensland there is more than just the lagoon or the Woolshed in Cairns. If you cannot be convinced by the pictures and story above, and you want a bit more info on why you MUST go to Far North Queensland, check it out here!

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