Our jobs office is based in Sydney on William street, near Kings Cross. Here we are ready for you to help you with your jobs search in Australia.

Stop by in our office between Monday and Friday 10.00 am – 6.00 pm or you can send an email to  jobs@australianbackpackers.net or leave us a message through the contact form. 

We will help you as from your first step by making a CV to helping you find a job.

We have been in the business over 15 years and have a good database of companies we work with. Not only will we send your CV to companies and apply for you, but we will also give you names and numbers for you to contact yourself during your trip in Australia.

Just because we are based in Sydney, doesn’t mean we will only help you in this city. If you want to work in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or anywhere else, send us an email and we will also help you out in other places.

2nd Year visa

If you like Australia so much and want to stay another year, you need to do 88 days of rural work. This means jobs that are not in the main cities/areas in Australia. Farm work is for example one of the jobs you can do to save up days for your second year visa.

To know in which post code areas and what kind of jobs you can do, check (Form 1263).

When you have done your 3 months of rural work, you do not have to do your second year visa straight after the first one. You can go home, enjoy, relax, get a new job and all, as long as you are back before you are 31 years old.

Skilled courses


If you want to work in hospitality in Australia you need to get a RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate. This certificate is different per state. In NSW you NEED to go to a classroom and you cannot do it online.

The class takes about a full day and the costs for a RSA are approx. $120.

If you do not want to work in NSW but in other states, you can do your RSA online.  You can do it online in a few hours and the prices differ per state.

White card

If you want to work in construction, it might be a good plan to get your white card. Not all companies require you to have a white card, but if you do your chance for a better (paid) job will be a lot bigger. You can do your white card online and will cost you between $30 and $60, depending which company you will do it with.

Barista course

If you can see yourself working in a coffee bar, you might want to get your barista course done. Not all coffee bars require you to have a barista course done as they can teach you many things on the spot, but if you really want to learn all basic barista skills (if you don’t have any) it will be a fun course on how to make coffees.

What types of employment ?

When you work in Australia you are only allowed to work 6 months maximum for 1 employer.

There are different kinds of types of employment, see below the most common ones:

Casual – your employer will ask you weekly for you to give up what days you are available to work, or you will get an email/text every other day to see if you want to work the next day. Casual jobs can be 1 day a week, but can also be 5 days a week.

Part time – if you do want to work, but also want to relax and chill every day, you can also look for part-time jobs. In this case you will most likely work 2 or 3 days a week, or maybe only in mornings or evenings a few hours.

Full time – if you want to save money and work (after your work you can relax and enjoy Australia) you can look for a job where you can full-time. On average this will be about 38 hours per week.

Writing your CV/cover letter

If you want to apply for a job in Australia, it is of essence to have a CV (Resume), so companies can see what you have done in your past and if you have the skills that they might be looking for.

We are here to help you with your CV writing.

Make sure your CV mentions your education and your work experience. If you have an RSA/white card/driver’s license etc, do not forget to mention this as well.

Always start your CV with a personal introduction in which you mention what skills you have and what your availability is.

Try not to have more than 2 pages of your CV. 

Do not forget to write down your (AUSTRALIAN) mobile number and an email address where potential employers can contact you. Employers will not call an ‘overseas’ mobile number, so if you do not have an Australian SIM-card yet, definitely get one.

For some jobs if you apply online you would need a cover letter. In this letter you need to mention where you have seen the job, why you want the job and why you would be the best person for the position. This letter doesn’t have to be longer than 1 page, but clear and should give a short good introduction why they should hire you.

See our pages on how to write a cover letter and how to write a CV.


If you want to do a volunteer job and work on a farm, you can also consider to go WWOOF-ing. This is working for free accommodation and meals (a few hours per day). You need to become a member with this organisation, who has over 2000 addresses all over Australia. If you want to work on a cattle station with 4,000 cows or maybe you want to fix fences in the outback or you want to help out on a horse farm, there are these and many more possibilities.

If you want more information, let us know and we gladly inform you about all the cool stuff you can do. 



  • I am over 31 years old, can I still do a working holiday in Australia?

When you are over 31 years old you cannot apply for a Working Holiday Visa anymore. Of course you can apply for a tourist visa and travel Australia. Unfortunately you will not be able to work, but you can do WWOOF-ing (work for free accommodation and meals) on farms all-over Australia. Also see: WWOOF

  • What if I have a dispute with my employer?

Of course you never hope you will have a dispute with your employer, but in case of not being paid or any other argument there is an organisation that you can contact Fair Work and they will help you out.

Of course if you got into a dispute with an employer we helped you with, let us know first, so we can see if we can solve it for you.

  • What jobs do you offer?

The jobs range in different directions; farm work, hospitality, labour work/construction, gardening, call centre, kitchen hand to flyering/promotion jobs, fundraising, au pair jobs and admin jobs. If you already have experience in any job back home and you can or want to do it here, do consider this, as it will be easier for you to get a job. 

  • How can I apply for jobs?

You can check our available jobs and let us know what you would like to do.

If you are looking for something specific, but you cannot find it, do not hesitate to contact us, as we also can do some research for you and see if we can find you that job you want.

  • Do you guarantee jobs?

No, we do not guarantee you a job. We will help you in every possible way with getting you a job by applying for you, giving you addresses and setting you up with interviews. However, you will be the person who needs to sell him/herself during an interview, and we will not be there in person to hold your hand. But we do not give up that easily, and we will keep searching for you for jobs that you want to do.

  • Hong long will it take before I get a job?

Depending on your wishes and what job you want to do, it can be 2 days but also be 2 weeks. Keep in mind that, as the same in your own country, when you apply for a job, you will never be working at that job the same day. This is exactly the same in Australia.

  • Do I need to have a CV?

In general you would always need to have a CV, as employers will check this if you would fit in their company and is their first ‘impression’ of you (if you send it by email). If you decide to only do fruit picking you do not necessarily need a CV, as farmers mainly just want you to work hard. Although, if you have experience tractor driving or milking cows or something like that, it might be a smart idea to put that in your CV, as many farms can use people with farming skills.

  • How much will I earn?

On average you will earn about $21 per hour.

  • If I don’t have any experience, can I still get a job?

If you do not have any experience you can still get a job. Say you want to work in hospitality behind the bar but you do not have any experience, why not start as a glassy (the person who collects all the empty glasses and bring them back to the bar/kitchen) or as a kitchen hand? By working in that environment you will also realise if this is something you really would like to do.

  • Can I already look for a job before I arrive in Australia?

You can already start looking for a job before you arrive in Australia, but most companies want you to already be here (in the country or in the city). If they are interested in meeting you, it is easier if you are already there and not have to say ‘I will be there in 1 month’, as the position might not be necessary at that point anymore.

  • Can I work in New Zealand with my Working Holiday Visa from Australia

Australia and New Zealand are two different countries, and for both countries you need to apply for a Working Holiday Visa for that country. You cannot work on a Working Holiday Visa from Australia in New Zealand.

  • Do you only help with jobs in Sydney?

We will help you all over Australia. Even though our head office is based in Sydney, it doesn’t mean we will not help you as soon as you are in another city. Just contact our jobs desk wherever you are, and we will try to help you out.